Stylish Kitchen Hardware: A Guide to Different Styles

From sleek & modern to classic & ornate - get inspired by these photos & find out which type of cabinet hardware fits best with your kitchen! Learn about 7 common finishes & how they can add unique touches.

Stylish Kitchen Hardware: A Guide to Different Styles

From sleek and modern to classic and ornate, hardware can completely transform the look of a kitchen. Get inspired by these photos of stylish kitchen accessories and find the perfect fit for your new or existing kitchen. When looking for knobs or handles, use the style filter in the left sidebar to help you narrow down your choices. And don't forget to take a look at our interior design style for ideas on how to incorporate the perfect hardware into your interior design. One style that works great for people who have difficulty grasping a knob is the knob-style handle, which makes it easy to open drawers and doors.

Straight handles come in a wide variety of styles and are suitable for both traditional and contemporary kitchens. The mid-century modern style is based on a mid-century modern design, an American adaptation of a mid-century European movement. It features simple style with clean lines and the integration of natural materials. The contemporary style is comprised of metallic elements, clean lines and bold statements.

It incorporates designs from a variety of periods, creating a comfortable and elegant style, featuring warm, rich and welcoming colors. The traditional style may have curves and delicate details, but it isn't very ornate. An extremely popular design style that has been influenced by traditional French design with a rustic touch is the French country style. This European style is elegant, comfortable and cozy.

The eclectic style is for unique, quirky and unique items. They can summarize or be based on a variety of unconventional topics. This is a good category to consider for customers looking for an eye-catching piece. The timeless style is for classic and timeless pieces, those that resist changes in style.

This style is influenced by the simplicity of the materials and the style of rural areas. The rustic style is not polished or aged. It usually has a simple design and can have a handmade, masonry, or hammered look. However, not everything that looks aged will be rustic; this style is simple and has few details.

The Baroque style was a design area full of ornate, highly detailed designs. Strong use of gold, but also of several colors used to highlight details or ornamentation.


is one of the oldest hardware options and is typically available as cast iron products. These types of hardware are ideal for rustic or industrial style kitchens.

Solid wood knobs can come in a variety of styles, they come in lacquered and raw wood. Raw wood hardware can be stained to match your cabinets. They can also be painted or left unprocessed. They are molded and sanded, creating a soft, natural and unique item.

Plastic is one of the most affordable hardware materials. While it's not as durable as metal, it's very popular because of the incredible variety of colors and styles available.


, the timeless design is for classic and timeless pieces, those that resist changes in style. Designer Daniel Contelmo shows that lucite lighting and gold hardware are a powerful couple in this transitional kitchen design in white and blue.Black cabinet hardware has been very popular lately with the revival of modern cottage design, especially in the kitchen.

Interior designer Marie Flanigan uses minimalist linear hardware in this gorgeous marble kitchen design. It also highlights the growing popularity of black finishes for both appliances and kitchen accessories. Whether you want to renovate your kitchen in an easy and impactful way, or you're looking for new accessories for your new kitchen cabinets, we've put together 21 ideas that you're sure to love. If you're struggling to decide what type of cabinet accessories to place in your kitchen cabinets, here's a basic summary of the 7 most common hardware finishes, with some incredible options for every style.

The most important thing to know when choosing a brand of cabinet hardware is that almost all of today's accessories are mass-produced overseas or custom-made in the U. S. UU. This trend is beginning to be expressed both in farmhouse kitchens and in kitchens with an industrial touch.

Add a unique touch to your kitchen cabinets with accessories on any theme, from nautical to equestrian. Also remember that cookware is probably the easiest and least expensive change you can make in the kitchen. Use copper and chrome hardware to enhance cool tones of green, blue, teal or purple in your kitchen design. And THEN you have to decide how decorative your accessories should be to match the style of your kitchen.

As with antique brass, the tones and finishes of oil-rubbed bronze hardware can vary widely, so be sure to use parts from the same manufacturer in the same room. Follow the example of interior designer Caitlin Murray and add movement to your kitchen cabinets with flat panels with eye-catching curvilinear accessories. Sculptural and eye-catching hardware is booming in the world of design and D2 Interieurs is at the forefront of this modern marble-clad kitchen.

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